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Joshua's  Studio

Joshua's Woodworking Studio*

Joshua at the Studio

Welcome to the Studio

Dolly Sods

Dolly Sods Wilderness Area, WV

Fine Woodworking by Joshua Miller

Welcome to Joshua Miller Design, based in Mathias, West Virginia.


Joshua has over 25 years of designing and building experience, working in the areas of Furniture, Wood Sculpture, Architectural Cabinetry and Components, as well as Timber Frame Homes and Structures.


Through these various facets of woodworking,
"ultimately it is my passion to combine aspects of each to create a truly timeless artisan built Craftsman style house."

Joshua in his  Woodworking Studio

Joshua at Work in his Studio

*Joshua's Woodworking Studio,
also know as "The Church,"
was built in 1901 as a Lutheran Church.
Joshua restored it in 2001.