Kavanaugh House Raising  Kavanaugh House Interior  Mortise and Tenon Joint Pegged
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Timber Frame Buildings — Gallery Two

Timber Frame Construction ...

focuses on a traditional approach to building using post & beam construction and the use of stress skin panels for insulating. This system allows for dramatic views of exposed beams on the interior, open contemporary floor plans, and very high energy efficiency.

Creative Details

Combining a Timber Frame structure with well designed interiors and creative details amounts to a Craftsman Style home that is elegant and timeless.

Green Options

In addition to a creative design approach, I also offer green options throughout the project. These range from recycled and sustainable products to low or zero emission components. The consensus in green or conscientious building is to build it well from the start, and not have to replace things multiple times. This idea I embrace completely.

Variety of Structures and Designs

I offer several design options from studios and barns, to cottages, additions, and homes. The Timber Frame and Craftsman approach to building does not have to translate to higher cost, and the return on a unique Craftsman built home can be significant.

Timber Frame Mortise and Tenon 
Mortise and Tenon Joint
  Kavanaugh House Post and Beam Construction 
Post and Beam Construction

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Timber Frame Buildings — Gallery Two